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Book Review: Jessica Andrews - Saltwater

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Jessica Andrews debut novel Saltwater has been on my TBR list ever since I first heard of its release. Grouped under contemporary and literay fiction on Goodreads, I knew that this would differ quite significantly from the usual comfort of the fantasy genre that I normally remain in.

by Jessica Andrews
Began reading: July 12th 2019
Finished reading: August 1st 2019

I gave Saltwater by Jessica Andrews:

[ ★★★★★ stars ]

may contain spoilers

Saltwater by Jessica Andrews is a new type of read for me. Classified as a part of the (social) realism genre, I found this book extremely relatable.

For me, as someone who is living quite a distance away from the capital city of their country, I felt as if my voice had finally been heard. As I said at the top of this post, I most often read within the fantasy genre, so this is the complete other end of the fictional genre spectrum.

This novel is especially relatable to me because I have lived in one of the places that was named within this book. It is not a place that gets talked about very often, if at all, so I was overjoyed when seeing the mention of my home town.

What were my favourite quotes?
I have been thinking about language as a language to put your feelings.
As a writer (and avid reader), I feel this. Without language and without art, how would we express emotions and everything objects?
Girls with orange cheeks in push-up bras brushed past us, smelling of the future.
This is something that is quite vividly familiar to me. I remember standing in the yard at school and seeing all of the girls whose faces (orange) were a completely different colour to their necks (white), which were also a completely different colour from their hands (brown/black [it looked like the endless amounts of fake tan they had applied had burnt into their skin]).

I laugh about it now (and still do) that I am older; but I remember at the time feeling disgusted by it. Although I remember what I felt, I cannot remember why I felt like this. Was it because of the HORRIBLE fake tan AND foundation application? Or was it because they were hiding their perfectly fine skin was caking it with a foundation shade too many shades darker.

TOP TIP: Imagine the Tango Man but as a women and a black, skin tight skirt that stops half way over their bum.

Via gfycat

My mother ironed her heart into the creases of my school skirts.
My dear mother, father, and family, if you are reading this: I always have and will appreciate what you have and continue to do for me. Thank you.
You have to hold onto things tightly. Nothing is ever the same twice. 
I'm getting serious Aslan vibes from this... is anyone else? I love The Chronciles of Narnia


I 100% recommend this if you are a fan of I, Daniel Blake or just fancy something new and different to read! Or perhaps you have already read it -- let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for reading!

Stay awesome,


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