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Book Review: Crystal L. Kirkham - Feathers and Fae [ARC]

Feathers and Fae is one of many books by Crystal L. Kirkham, an author who currently resides in Alberta. She has published novels across several genres and contributed to several anthologies.

Before we continue with this review, I would like to thank Booksirens for making this ARC available; I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Happy reading!

This high fantasy novel is about the journey of Kami and Emmett on their quest to return home. But when Emmett has lied to Kami about everything (like literally everything), Kami begins to question everything.

You can meet feathered creatures, fae and countless of other new and fantastical beings (as well as travel across vast realms) during your read!

★★★ stars
3 / 5 stars

I enjoyed this read but it wasn't as satisfying as I wanted.

In my opinion, this was an average read for me. And I as kind of disappointed with that. I really liked the concept -- I do love a good bit of high fantasy -- but the riting style let me down.

Although this was more apparent during the beginning of the book (but as still present as the book progressed), I thought that the dialogue felt quite repetitive, and that the characters had nothing new to say or add to their situation. This did improve as I continued to read, but I just could not get over that I was underwhelmed at the beginning.

Moving onto the characters. This relates to what I've just said but because Kami's speech was repetitive I found her annoying. But what made it even more so was what she said she was and what she actually did were two completely different things. She says she's headstrong and demands answers but when Emmett is trying to protect her by not telling things her I-refuse-to-take-no-as-an-answer persona dwindled into submission.

Emmett, is definitely, my favourite character as he is the most developed out of the main characters.

The ending, however, was rushed. It happened all so quickly--too quickly, in my opinion. Extra description and depth could have been added, and it the conclusion would have definitely benefited from it.

At the time of me writting this, I actually don't know. I would like to, but I just don't want to be let down by this series again.

However, for those of you who are interested in continuing this series, I asked Crystal K. Kirkham a question and this is what she replied:

This is my question and her answer!

 I just hope that the rest of the books in this universe are just as epic as I expected this one to be!


Did you think the same as me? Let me know in the comments!

Once again, I received this ARC on Booksirens, and that this review is left voluntarily.

Thank you for reading!

Stay awesome,

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