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Ha'way Hannah! 004 : What I Want vs What Will Be Better

What I Want vs What Will Be Better - Post Cover

To do what I want or to do what will be better?

This is what I have been asking myself recently.

Do I want to do a university course that I think I will thoroughly enjoy? Or do I apply for a course that will help me in the long run?


For those of you who are new to this series (or just to my blog in general): Hello! I’m Hannah. This time next year, I will be starting university – perhaps I may have already moved in… who knows?!

For a while now, I have decided on applying for a creative writing course. Because I want to be a writer. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

But whenever I tell people that this is what I am thinking about applying to, they tell me I should do something else.

I have struggled to find courses that I actually liked and think I would enjoy studying, and then they tell me this. First, I wanted to do photography (but then I lost interest); then it was media (but then I struggled to find what area of media I wanted to specialise in); then journalism; and now creative writing. So yes, looking at university courses has been one hell of a rollercoaster for me.

These people either claimed that I shouldn’t do a Creative Writing course but do an English one instead; or that I should do something else as well as the creative writing.

Me writing this blog post

As I have thought about this more and more, I realised something.

They’re right.

Perhaps doing a BA in creative writing is specialising myself too early. They tell me that companies and employers will not take on a creative writing student because they only know one small sector of English/writing, that my niche started out small instead of starting larger and then narrowing it down.

But maybe the stars have aligned for me.

It just so happens that all of the courses I am thinking about applying to consist of something else in addition to creative writing.

Here is a brief summary of them:

  • Creative and Professional writing – has media (and covers a range of it too).
  • Journalism – well, that’s self-explanatory (there is no creative writing, but I am still writing articles and etc.)
  • Journalism and Creative Writing – with this option I get to do both.
  • English Language and Creative Writing – has English Language, which is one of my A Level classes.
  • English – where I can choose how I want to specialise later in the course (the options would be literature, language and/or creative writing).

You might have noticed that there are six bullet points here, and UCAS only allows applicants to submit five options. So, of course, I will need to narrow down this list even further.

But I have time yet before I narrow down all of my options to five. Soon after I will have to narrow that down again.

To two.

I explained this a bit more in one of the previous posts in this series – Ha’way Hannah! 002 : University Applications & Surpluses of Courses.


Do you have any questions about going to university in the UK? Or perhaps you’re just curious about the entire process?

Whatever they may be, leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

Stay awesome,

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