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Interview with '100 Days of Sunlight' author, Abbie Emmons!

100 Days of Sunlight Book Blog Tour: Interview With Author
Interview with author Abbie Emmons

It's finally here, you guys! I have been keeping this little gem hidden for a while now, but now is the time for all to be revealed.

We have a special guest today!

And her book is released today!


100 Days of Sunlight, Kindle Edition, Available now to buy everywhere books are sold online (Image credit: Abbie Emmons).

Please welcome, debuting author of 100 Days of Sunlight, Abbie Emmons!

Today's Guest! (Image Credit: Abbie Emmons)
 Hannah: Welcome to my blog, Abbie! How are you?

Abbie: Hey, Hannah! I’m good, and so excited to be here on your lovely blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me today!

Hannah: Well, thank you for allowing me to interview you! Believe me, I'm just as excited as you are!

Let us begin!

Hannah: Tell us about your novel: what it’s about; what genre it is; who are your protagonist(s)?

Abbie: My novel is 100 Days of Sunlight. It’s a YA contemporary with a touch of cute romance and strong family + friendship themes. Here’s what it’s about, in a nutshell:

When 16-year-old poetry blogger Tessa Dickinson temporarily loses her eyesight in a car accident, the only person who can help her is Weston Ludovico: an optimistic boy who, unknown to Tessa, is missing both legs. Knowing how angry and afraid Tessa is feeling, Weston is able to connect with her – reaching into her darkness and showing her that there is more than one way to “see” the beauty in the world. But when Tessa’s sight returns, will Weston be able to overcome his own fear of being seen?

Hannah: Wow! It sounds amazing! I LOVE young adult novels, and at the moment, I am starting to read more contemporary too, so I cannot wait!

Hannah: What was your inspiration for this novel?

Abbie: I feel like 100 Days is a story that has always been in my heart, lying dormant. I wanted to write about two characters who experience loss, recovery, and hope -- and discover their limitless potential in the process. The story encompasses a lot of emotions, and I think my inspiration came from that; the desire to write a story that makes you feel, and to shine a light in the dark places.

Hannah: What is your favourite fictional trope, and did you manage to include it in this novel?

Abbie: Hate-to-love romance! A lot of folks know that I love the romance trope of two people starting out really disliking (or hating) each other and winding up in love at the end of the story. This trope found a place in 100 Days because at the beginning of the novel, Tessa and Weston do not get along very well. But, over the course of 100 days, Weston begins to grow on Tessa and she comes out of her darkness to slowly but surely fall in love with him and his “obnoxious optimism”. It’s very cute, if I do say so myself.

Hannah: Oh wow that does sound adorable!

Hannah: What was the easiest and hardest and the best and worst thing about writing this novel?

Abbie: Ooh, that’s a good question! I almost feel bad saying this, but pretty much all of this novel was easy to write. It was great! I woke up every morning feeling very inspired and excited to write. I wrote about 5,000 words every day, which is still a record for me. The hardest part was probably all the research I had to do regarding my characters’ disabilities and some of the experiences they went through; but I didn’t mind at all, since it was a fascinating and educational journey, fuelled by the desire to write these characters’ stories accurately and respectfully.

Hannah: Wow! 5,000 words is a lot!

I think it's very important for us writers to educate ourselves on topics such as disability etc. It's even more important if we are going to be writing about them too. The last thing we would want is to unintentionally offend anyone - especially when we are raising awareness of such things in our work.

Everyone has been in a situation where research, at times, can be tedious. Even more so when a sudden burst of inspiration arrives, and the need to regurgitate all of these awesome plot points and lines of dialogue on the page rushes over us before we forget them. But accurate research is important, and nothing will ever change that.

Speaking of dialogue:

Hannah: What was your favourite piece of dialogue that you have included?

Abbie: Oh man, that’s a hard question! I wrote so much sassy banter between my characters, it’s nearly impossible to pick a favourite piece of dialogue! But if I must choose, this is a favourite of mine (Tessa’s POV):

“No,” I murmur, slouching into more of a reclined position on my bed. “I want to rest for a while. I don’t feel like writing.”
Another silence trickles by.
Finally, Weston says, “I don’t think you should rest.”
My eyes snap open. “Excuse me?”
“I said I don’t think you should rest,” he reiterates. “I think you should write something.”
“And I think you should mind your own business.”

Hannah: Ooh nice! I am definitely a fan of that sarcasm!

Hannah: Would you consider writing a sequel for 100 Days of Sunlight? Is there a sequel somewhere upon the horizon?

Abbie: I don’t know! I like to abide by the wise old adage “never say never” -- but I do feel like I’ve told Tessa and Weston’s story, and I kind of want to let my readers imagine the rest of their happily-ever-after.

Hannah: For future projects, would you stay loyal with writing in the contemporary genre, or would you delve into other genres such as historical fiction and/or science fiction?

Abbie: Contemporary is definitely my favorite genre to write… but I’m totally going to delve into other genres in the future! I’ve been plotting a sci-fi series, some historical fiction, and even a high fantasy novel. So although you can expect more contemporary romances from me, I also might surprise the world with something totally different in the future!

Hannah: What are your pro tips on beating writer's block? #BeatTheBlock

Abbie: Do something totally different. Whether that’s another creative expression, exercise, road-tripping somewhere, or just taking the day off to go see a movie or take a long drive -- anything that breaks the cycle. I find the best way to get inspired is to break free from the habits and routines we lock ourselves into. Doing something adventurous and fun may seem like “a waste of time”, but sometimes it’s the very thing you need to boost productivity!

Hannah: I normally write within the fantasy and science fiction/fantasy genre but I have an awesome idea for a romance novel, what advice would you give to people like me who are looking to step into a new genre of writing?

Abbie: Just do it! Write what feels good. Even if you feel like a fish out of water, at first. Embrace the newness -- it’s part of the adventure! Also it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the vibe of the genre by reading other books in that category. I’m in the same predicament, but the exact opposite: plotting a fantasy novel, and I’ve never really read fantasy books! Needless to say, I’ve added a bunch of fantasy books to my TBR pile and I can’t wait to familiarize myself with the whole “vibe” of this genre.

Hannah: And last of all, where can we buy your novel? Is it available in bookshops such as Waterstones and Barnes and Noble? Or will it only be available online?

Abbie: It’s available everywhere books are sold online -- and soon to be available in brick and mortar stores, too! I can’t confirm that yet, but I will definitely let everyone know when the book will be available in physical bookstores. Stay tuned!

That’s right, everyone! 100 Days of Sunlight can be bought right now! It is also available on Goodreads so make sure to add it to your TBR list!

Hannah: Thank you Abbie for being my first official guest on my blog! I would love to have you back in the future!

Abbie: Thank you so much for interviewing me, Hannah! I had a blast talking about 100 Days of Sunlight. Rock on!

100 Days of Sunlight, now available to buy everywhere books are sold online! (Image Credit: Abbie Emmons)
Follow this link to purchase 100 Days of Sunlight now!
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You can follow Abbie via these links!
Author website
Image Credit: Abbie Emmons

Have you read her novel yet? Or perhaps you already have because you received an arc. Let me know in the comments!

My full book review should be on Goodreads soon, and the accompanying blog soon after that!

Stay awesome,
Hannah x


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