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Reading Rush 2019 TBR!

Credit: Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash
Originally called the BookTubeathon, Reading Rush takes place the week commencing July 22nd and finishes July 28th.

Here is the announcement video!

01 - Read a book with purple on the cover!
For this, I am reading...

by Elle Pallmore

I will be reading my ARC I got from Netgalley for this challenge!

This book is about a girl called Lemon Lavender, who is obviously not fine, and she has to deal with a load of things that a girl her age shouldn't have to deal with: her dad forces her to look after her mum who is quite ill; her sister dropped out of college to go to Europe, meaning all of the responsilities that her sister had has been dumped onto her; not only this, she is pressured to be the 'perfect' Lavender, just like her sister was before she fled to Europe.

Lemon is quite a reserved person because of this as her dad constantly reminds her that no one can ever find out about her sister and her mother, and so it has become an instinct that she must hide what is happening and therefore also hides her true self in the process.

I am looking forward to reading this book to see how Lemon overcomes the stress and stands up for herself and what she believes in.

02 - Read a book in the same spot!
I have chosen: 

by Sui Ishida

For those of you who don't know what Tokyo Ghoul is, haven't watched the anime or haven't read the manga, Tokyo Ghoul is about a boy called Ken Kaneki, who after receiving a transplant from a ghoul, becomes a half-human and half-ghoul hybrid. The narrative for this manga follows him as he learns his powers and survives the many turf wars that happen.

I have watched the anime, and I'm excited to see how the manga compares.

03 - Read a book you meant to read last year!
I will be reading:

by C. S. Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia is hands down one of my favourite series EVER! I relate so much to so many of the characters and I love them all!


I planned on doing a re-read of this series last year but didn't actually get around to doing it, so it looks like now is my chance!

04 - Read an author's first book!
I have chosen:

by Jessica Andrews

I have chosen this book because I feel like it's kind of underrated despite the amazing reviews it has gotten--but that might be because it's not widely spoken about on BookTube, Bookstagram and Booktwitter.

Saltwater is follows a girl named Lucy, who moves to the South - in particular London - to attend University. However, she reminisces of her time in the North of the UK, which is where she grew up.

I am really excited for this book as I am intruigued to see how the author tackles the difference between the North and the South of the UK. I live in the North, and I know from a Northerner's perspective that the North and South divide seems continental.

05 - Read a book with a non-human main character!

by Sui Ishida

This is volume is a continuation of the book that I am reading for the Read a book in the same spot prompt.

06 - Read a book with 5 or more words in the title!

by J. K. Rowling

I have decided to read this because it is about time that I returned to Hogwarts.

If you've been living under a rock, this book is about a boy called Harry who finds out he has magic and so goes off to a boarding school where he learns to master his magic.

I am excited to read this book because it is a major part of my childhood, and I cannot wait to return to the magic that J. K. Rowling has captured within this series.

Read a book to movie adaptation:
For this, I have picked:

by Arhur Conan Doyle

I have yet to read any of the Sherlock Holmes literary works, which is one of the main reasons why I have chosen The Hounds of Baskerville.

In addition to this, I will be watching The Hounds of Baskerville episode from the BBC adaptation.


Have you signed up to the Reading Rush website? Good!

That's all for now!

Stay awesome,
Hannah :)


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