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Ha'way Hannah! 003 : Writing For Northern Lights (Again)

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My sixth form required me to get a weeks worth of work experience to strengthen my UCAS application.

Later rather than sooner, I emailed my local University and asked if I could return to write for them.

They said yes.

And here I am now (I am currently writing this in the mediahub).

Not all of the articles that I have written have been published yet. This post will be updated when the posts have been published. :) 

Day 01 -- Writing Two Articles & Watching Some BookTube
After searching for ideas for articles, I eventually decided on reviewing the trailer for the new Jumanji film (Jumanji: The Next Level) and the controversy surrounding that final scene of Hannah Baker's death in 13 Reasons Why.

It was nice to be back! It was even nicer to have my works published on platforms other than my own; a gentle reminder that being a successful writer/journalist/author is possible.

I had just completed the FirstChoice scheme that the University do. I went with an open and refreshed mind.

I knew that the few days that I attended the scheme was going to be the deciding factor of whether I apply for Journalism or English at the University of Sunderland. Journalism is winning at the moment. I will be posting a blog post about this soon!

I spent the morning of my first day writing articles, and once my lunch break arrived, I opened my wrap I bought from Greggs and opened YouTube on a new Internet tab, and caught up on some Booktube (for those of you who don't know, Booktube is the book community that exists on YouTube).

After lunch, I continued writing the 13 Reasons Why article whilst listening to Booktube videos in the background. I finished this article and sent it off to be edited and scheduled.

You can view these articles here:

Review: Jumanji: The Next Level - Official Trailer

13 Reasons Why Removes Controversial Scene from Season 1

Day 02 -- Another Article & Adventuring Into Virtual Reality
I arrived the next day and began working on another article about the new love-action remake of The Lion King.

In my opinion, this is definitely the better one of the three that I have written so far during this placement.

Whilst watching the trailer, I got goosebumps. The nostalgia was real! And I was living for it!

The film is released Friday 19th July 2019; for me, it has to Mufasa--see what I did there?-- because I literally cannot wait to revisit this part of my childhood.

To read this article, you can follow this link here:

The Lion King - Causing A Joyous Uproar Amongst Fans.

After lunch, I got to try VR.


I played and danced with a little robot!

 On another game I had a red ans a blue lightsaver and was smashing blocks! It was so AWESOME!

In a way, that particular game reminded me of Star Wars and a Guitar Hero crossover...

Also, did I mention that VR is AMAZING?

Before I knew it, time had passed and it was time for me to leave for the day. I went back up to the mediahub to get my stuff. But before I left, my 'mentor' started 

Day 03 -- The Start of a New Series & Being Introduced To TV Studios & Returning To VR
Thuesday was my third and final day of this work placement.

I managed to push out another article. This time it was published on SR News. You can read this article now: Want To Start Your Own Blog? Here's How...

I wrote it as a little taster on what the my new series So You Want To Be A YouTuber will entail -- arriving summer of 2020.

Soon after, I was shown around the TV studios where students come to produce video content for their courses.

Remember when I was shown the radio studios in my previous placement? Well. These TV studios (which are industry standard, may I add) made the radio studios look like a piece of cake!

One of the technitians read out a script from the screen (which I scrolled down for him) whereas the other people on the placement began the opening credits and faded in and out images into frame.

There were mutiple camera capturing footage from different angles (we only used the one, though - to keep it simple).

After finishing in the TV studios, we went to experience some more virtual reality. I adventured into a mythical world and got my own friendly, four-legged, amphibian-looking pet: Bogo!

My time with Bogo was cut short as our placement had finished for the day.

I finished my three day placement with a fierier passion, more knowledgeable, and being more inclined to apply to the University of Sunderland.

The websites that I have wrote for (e.g. Northern Lights and SR News) are an exclusive offer for Sunderland Uni students only. Spark Radio, however, is run on volunteers and students.

But it was the websites I was interested in; they are something that only this university offer. Yes, other unis may have student newspapers--but it's not the same.

Thank you to everyone who helped me during my placement! I really enjoyed it!


 Thank you for reading!

Start a conversation with me via my social media!

Stay awesome,
Hannah :)


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