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Ha'way Hannah! : An Introduction.

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*reads in Mackem accent* Ha'way Hannah! You can do it!

This is a new series that I am starting where I share with you the work experience that I have done and the placements I have yet to go on. So if you too are thinking about a career in either journalism and/or writing, grab yourself a coffee (or whatever your go-to drink is) and indulge into this series.

For those of who you don't know, I am going to apply for a BA Creative Writing of some kind (whether this be a single honour such as BA Creative Writing or BA Creative and Professional Writing or a joint honour course such as BA English and Creative Writing or BA Journalism and Creative Writing -- I haven't quite made up my mind). My entry year will be 2020/21; so, the sooner I familiarise myself with the application process, the better!

And, before you ask, I am studying English Language, Media and Photography as my A Levels.

I have nearly completed all of year 12, and during this year, I realised something:

Taking English Literature as an A Level would have helped me significantly.

But not to worry!

There are ways that I can make up for this!

  1. I can ask to do an AS (which is half of an A Level) in English Literature.
  2. Get tonnes of work experience so that universities are are more inclined to accept me onto my course.
  3. Get an A in my EPQ (the extended project qualification), which I am doing with a focus on creative writing but an overall theme of literature.
  4. Make sure I revise LOTS so I don't fail my final A Level exams.
But even if I do manage to do all of these things, the number of universities that I can apply to is narrowed quite a bit.

So please remember, kids: always look at university entry requirements.

In their entry requirements, some request that one must have either English Literature or English Language and Literature as one of their three (or four) A Levels.

See the problem?

I only do English Language. Not English Literature or Literature and Language. Just English Language.

So here's another thing to remember:

If you have any idea (even if it's just a vague one) of what you want to do at uni. Look at what A Levels you need to do that course. Honestly, it will help you. Like a LOT.

Now that I know what I want to do at uni, I am trying to strengthen my application in any possible way: doing NaNoWriMo, completing as many work experience placements as I can, volunteering, writing this blog and whatever else I can.

This then brings me rather nicely onto my debuting series:

Ha'way Hannah!

For those of you who need a translation, ha'way means 'come on' in Mackem. For further iconic Mackem phrases, the Mackem dictionary should shed some light.

What will you see from me in this series?
Throughout the instalments of Ha'way Hannah I will be sharing with you what I have (and will) be doing to ensure I get a place at my chosen university.

Have any tips? Do you know how to write a killer personal statement and would like to enlighten others on the tricks of the trade? Tweet me at @wordsofhannahk


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Hannah x


  1. ooh i can't wait to see what the next instalments are!

  2. Honestly, neither can I. I really want to share with everyone how I manage to make it in the writing industry, and prove that just because my career ambitions aren't necessarily the most acedemic (like science path), that I can and will make it!


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