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The Irony of Thanos


God damn it, Thor. You really should have gone for the head.

Everyone knows of Thanos: the supervillian who wrecked our hearts in Avengers: Infinity War and how he is destined to return for Avengers: Endgame only to most likely destroy our hearts yet again.

For those of you who do not know who Thanos is (or are not a Marvel fan), here is Urban Dictionary's definition:

I know right! It's pretty accurate!
 But even before Infinity War was released to cinemas, the secret (and hint) lay within his name.

Thano/Thanos is a Greek name which translates literally to "immortal".

If you're a fan of the Marvel comics, you may know that Thanos was banished from the realm of death by Death herself--and guessed what...

That's right.

It meant that Thanos was then immortal.

Me: when I was writing this post.
So after making this discovery, I decided to see if there was any other connections with our angry purple bean of a supervillain that I could make.

It just so happens, that there is.

Exhibit A:


Sounds like Thanos, doesn't it?

According to several definitions, thantophobia can be defined as this:

Thantophobia: (noun) the phobia of losing someone you love.
Wow. The irony.

During those last (and very painful) moments of Infinity War, every character - both major and minor - lost someone they loved. Steve lost Bucky AND Sam. Okoye lost T'Challa. Tony lost Peter. And I lost too many characters which I loved. I just hope they all (or at least the majority of them) return for Endgame that is set to be released this summer (of 2019).

Thanos wiped out half of the universe.

Although, another way of looking at it is that Thanos wiped out half of THEIR universe.

We see, as our favourite characters disintegrate, that it happens in pairs.

We first see Bucky as he disintergrate. Steve rushes over to him.

T'Challa is the next to go. Okoye is with him. He tells her "This is no place to die."

Baby Teenage groot is next. Rocket is with him.

Then Wanda, who is with Vision.

Afterwards, it's Sam as Rhodey searches for him. The fact that Rhodey never found Sam still haunts me.

We, the viewers, are then transported to the Guardians.

The next to disintegrate are the remaining Guardians: Mantis and then Drax and then Peter. They happen shortly after each other because the Guardians are each others' universe.

Dr Steven Strange is next. Yes, he goes because "There was no other way", but does he also go because there may be no more universe to protect?

And then, Peter. I'm not going to lie, I was already emotionally unstable at this point but WOW Marvel really wanted to cut deep, didn't they?! I know I speak for a lot of Marvel fans when I say that Peter's disintegration got us the most: the fact that he went in Tony's arms worsened the blow and then there was his fear of dying and panicked state that brought us to even more tears.

After watching Spidey go, the camera moves to Tony - who is clearly far from ok - and then to Nebula, who doesn't disintegrate.


This is because she has already lost the half of her universe: she had already lost Gamora, who had met her death earlier in the film when Thanos sacrificed her in order to obtain one of the infinity stones.


 After the end credits had finished rolling and I had watched the post-credits scene, I can definitely say "MCU, I did not feel so good..." (too soon?)

However, I am definitely excited for the release of Endgame and to see what fate my favourite characters have been destined to meet.

Haven't seen the trailer yet? Here you go, enjoy!


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